ECE 4760: Final Project

Virtual Virtuoso

a tool for conductors

Wei Geng (

Paul Jackson (

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"A device which emulates conducting a band by producing real-time audio and video feedback."

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There are very few ways to improve one’s skills in conducting a live band. Practicing by conducting a real band requires coordination of many people and conducting along to pre-recorded songs does not provide feedback on the accuracy of the conductor’s selected tempo. The system we designed uses a glove with an accelerometer to track the user’s hand motions. With this information, we apply our heuristic algorithm to detect when each beat takes place. The system measures the timing between each beat and horizontal acceleration information to create real-time feedback for the conductor’s measured tempo and time signature. Furthermore, the system also plays pre-determined MIDI songs to provide real-time audio feedback to the user. With this feedback, the user will be able to refine their control over tempo and improve their conducting skills.