ECE 4760:Final Project

Sahil P Potnis ( & Tyler D Walker (

Introduction to the Wearable Technology

LabGloves brings the functionality of a high end digital multimeter to anyone’s fingertips for an affordable price. LabGloves was conceptualized as a way to simplify an individual's in lab experience by providing the measurements a Digital Multimeter would at the user’s fingertips, but it grew into more. Our group made an effort to take advantage of the Atmel 1284P Microcontroller’s versatility to make an affordable device with functionality found in high end MultiMeters with a slick user interface for intuitive mode control.

All the functionality of LabGloves is made possible through the Atmel 1284P microcontroller and peripheral circuits. Essentially the wearer only needs to select a mode and touch their fingertips to a circuit to gather autoranging readings. This makes it easy to get readings in spaces that a multimeter would be hard to handle, such as behind a wall, in tight spaces, or anytime it proves difficult to hold two hands to a component for analysis.

Figure 1. LabGlove User Interface Module

Figure 2,3. Wired Probes on the LabGlove & LabGlove with the forearm module attached