Fall 2015 Cornell University ECE 4760 Final Project:
PIC 32 MIDI Synthesizer

Designed and implemented by:


The PIC32 MIDI Synthesizer is a interactive and completely tunable monophonic synthesizer that can be paired with any MIDI controller.


A Synthesizer serves as the bridge between a controller input and sound output. Ideally, synthesizers have fast response times and create complex and interesting sounds using many different effects that can be adjusted real-time by the user. Using Direct Digital Synthesis, we are able to achieve a fast response time which opens up the possibility for creativity in effects. The secondary objective was modularity and ease of use. By adopting MIDI protocol as the control signal, we can use a wide range of existing instruments as controllers, and by creating an enclosure, we make it easy to set up. The result is single self-contained 8-bit synth, with stability in use and an interactive menu that includes modular and fully-tunable effects.