ECE 4760: Final Project

Piano Gloves

A Glove-based Piano Synthesizer

Sean Carroll (

Natalie Moore (

James Talmage (

"Piano Gloves synthesize a realistic piano sound controlled by gloves"

Project Sound Bite

For this project, we created a pair of gloves that were capable of playing a synthesized grand piano sound when it was played like a real piano. A flex sensor was attached to each finger on the glove and connected to a Schmitt trigger so that when the finger was bent, the appropriate note was played over a speaker connected to a 12-bit DAC. This enabled the user of the gloves to play the natural (non sharp or flat) notes between C3 and E4. Because many basic songs utilize the C major scale, these gloves are perfect for children or beginning musicians. These gloves provide a convenient way to practice when a piano isn’t available.


Piano Gloves in use

Piano Glove Demonstration.