ECE 4760: Final Project

Breathe-Easy EEG

Visual, responsive neurofeedback EEG

Namita Kumar (

Vasudharini Mannar (

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"A visual, responsive neurofeedback EEG system to aid in relaxation."

Electroencephalograms (EEG) are at the conjunction of the fields of Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience; by measuring brain activity through the use of electrodes and an amplifier circuit, we can utilize signal processing techniques to explore the impacts of external stimulation such as music and meditation on brain waves. For our EEG, we focused mainly on looking at alpha and beta brain waves. Beta brainwaves are associated with being awake and using our brain for reasoning, while alpha brain waves are associated with meditation, and relaxation. We can then observe the resulting brain waves on a screen and attempt to control an external event, in this case, turning on a certain colored LED based on our alpha and beta brain waves. In this way, the neurofeedback from the LEDs provides a means of self-regulation of brain waves that can prove useful in applications such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.