ECE 4760: Final Projects

Automated Ice Cream Topper

Kristen Vilcans, Ramita Pinsuwannakub ,


"Ice cream toppings
at the push of a button"

Controlled by a PIC 32, the automated ice cream topper stores individual ice cream topping preferences, outputting the user's ideal solid, liquid, and whip cream topping amount with the push of a button. Our project demo can be viewed here: Project Demo.

The automatic ice cream topper as demoed had three basic topping capabilities that covered the cream, liquid, and solid topping realms. Through the lever actuation of whip cream, spinning of a turntable releasing solid topping, and pressure controlled liquid topping dispenser, we succeeded in releasing commercially available whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup. The rotation of a turntable holding the ice cream bowl ensured even distribution of toppings on the ice cream.

This project was pursued initially because of common interest – a common love of ice cream for both partners.

Figure 1: Team picture following project demonstration

Figure 2: Full system assembly