Cornell University ECE4760
Development Boards


There are two target boards which were created by Sean Carroll:
--- The first is large and intended to be used for the lab exercise part of the course.
--- The second board is small and is intended to be a chip carrier for final projects and other space-limited uses.
Both boards are programmed using a PICkit 3 programmer/debugger.

The large board

The large board features a port expander, DAC, TFT socket, programming header, and power supply.
-- Assembly instructions
-- Large board schematic and layout (ExpressPCB format)
-- Using the Port Expander and ZIP code (Sean Carroll)
-- Using the TFT LCD
-- SPI and DAC


The small board

The small board is stripped down to just a MCU and power supply.
The intention is that this board can be built into projects easily.
-- Assembly instructions.
-- Small board schematic and layout (ExpressPCB format)



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