ECE 4760: Final Project

2-Axis Gesture-Controlled Camera Platform

Implemented with a PIC32 microcontroller

Kunpeng Huang(, Xinyi Yang(, Siqi Qian(

Introduction    top

For the ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented a 2-axis gesture-controlled platform for DSLR cameras. The platform can actuate a camera based on the orientation of the user’s hand with relative high accuracy and low latency.

Our 2-DOF gesture-controlled platform can point the camera in any direction within a hemi-sphere based on spherical coordinates. It is capable of rotating continuously in horizontal direction and traversing close to 180 degrees in vertical direction. It is able to support a relatively large camera system (more than 3kg in total weight and 40cm in length), orient the camera accurately (error less than 3 degree), and respond quickly to user input (transverse 180 degrees in less than 3 seconds). In addition to orienting the camera, the system also has simple control functionality, such as allowing the user to auto-focus and take photos remotely, which is achieved through DSLR’s peripheral connections.

At a high level, our design supports three user input modes - the first one uses a joystick while the other two use an inertial measurement unit (IMU). In the first mode, the x- and y-axis of a joystick is mapped to the velocities in the yaw and pitch directions of the camera. In the second mode, the roll and pitch angles of the user’s hand are mapped to the velocities of the camera in the yaw and pitch directions, while the third mode mapped the angles to the angular position of the camera.

Our general design workflow involves outlining individual components of the system based on requirements, writing test codes for each component, designing and manufacturing the platform based on the mechanical characteristic of the camera, integrating the actuators and sensors, testing the system for accuracy and responsiveness, and making any further adjustment to the code.

We have also made a video demo of our project. 2-Axis Gesture-Controlled Camera Platform

G. Acknowledgements    top

We'd like to thank the course instructor Bruce Land and the TA's for their support in this course.