"With the plummeting cost and simplicity of compact disc duplication, the mounting popularity of the MP3 format and the public's craving for mobile music reproduction; our project seeks to satisfy all needs and trends by providing a portable MP3-CD player made from commonly available electronic parts with a microcontroller gluing it all together."

Group Members: Paul Jensen, Ben Hertzberg, George John, Jr.
EE 476 Final Project

Feature List

  • Prototype of portable device (single supply operation)
  • Only one microcontroller controls everything
  • Ability to stream and play up to 192kbps MP3 data in realtime
  • Compatibility with standard CD-ROM file system format (ISO-9660/JOLIET)
  • 44.1kHz audio output sample rate
  • 24-bit output accuracy
  • 256x oversampled stereo outputs
  • Scrolling track title display with time and track number
  • Digital volume control
  • Next/Prev track control
  • Simple to understand user interface
  • Low cost components
  • 250mW output capable of driving speakers directly