C Source and Header Files

Source Header Description
mp3.c   Main program
  common.h definitions shared between different parts of the program
sta013.c sta013.h support of STA013 MP3-Decoder chip
buf.c buf.h support for the circular buffer in external SRAM
iso9660.c iso9660.h support for ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem
ata.c ata.h support for ATA interface

Perl Scripts

File Description
asmfmt.pl STA config file -> assembly code
bin_to_asm.pl binary data -> assembly code
bin_to_c.pl binary data -> C code
binfmt.pl STA config file -> .BIN format
hexfmt.pl STA binary data -> Intel .HEX format
mp3_to_hex.pl binary data -> Intel .HEX format

Note: Use these at your own risk. Only a few actually work as they should.
Credit: Some scripts taken from http://www.pjrc.com/tech/mp3/sta013.html

Other Files

File Description
sta013.txt STA013 Configuration File (supplied by company, modified)
sta013.hex STA013 Configuration Data EEPROM Image (generated using scripts)