Several hardware components went into our Simon design. We used an Atmel 8515 MCU, four different colored LEDs, six standalone pushbuttons, an LCD display, and a speaker. Using these, we constructed the circuit shown in the picture below (see Appendix 2 for schematic).

LEDs (Port B) The four different colored LEDs are used to blink the Simon sequence for the user to repeat.

Pushbuttons (Port D) Four of the pushbuttons are associated with the colored LEDs. When Simon flashes a certain color, the respective pushbutton is to be pressed by the user. The remaining two pushbuttons are for Start and Select, allowing the use to navigate the game menus.

LCD Display (Port C) Used to prompt the user for mode and difficulty, as well as to display the current game stats, such as the settings and round number.

Speaker (Port A) Produces a unique tone for each of the colors when they are pressed.

These parts were combined, as shown in the schematic, and then connected to the 8515 MCU.