Graphing Calculator
ECE 476 Final Project, Spring 2003
Jeannette Lukito :: Jonathan Wang


Jeannette Lukito
Jonathan Wang

IEEE Code of Ethics

The following are the IEEE code of ethics that pertained to our project and the consistency of our actions:

  • To accept responsibility in making engineering decisions consistent with the safety, health and welfare of the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might endanger the public or the environment.
         The project that we have chosen, the graphing calculator, uses the standard STK500 board with key pads. These devices are used previously in other labs and we are sure that this project is safe with very very small risks.

  • To avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and to disclose them to affected parties when they do exist
         As the due date of this project is near, higher stress level causes students to easily have tension with little things. We avoid conflicts with other people in the class by respecting their stored hardware, not leaving our things on the bench if we went out for lunch or avoiding to play around with the hardware set up or damage other things that might be pertinent to other people in a different time. We did not come across to real conflicts that we needed to address.

  • To be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data
         We made sure that all references that we used are documented in our appendix. If there are any documentation that we missed to record, it is purely coicidental and not what we intended to do.

  • to treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin
         We have respected other students in the class and avoid any such conflicts regarding race, religion, gender and vice versa

  • to avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action
         We have in all circumstances never intended to injure others in any ways nor have we ever damaged other properties or steal them