The Breath-o-Matic

Alex Averbukh (aa252) and Dan Golden (dig4)


High Level Design

Program/Hardware Design



Let us introduce the Breath-o-Matic alcohol sensor.

The Breath-o-Matic is an electronic, non-invasive method of measuring a human’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Its elegant, yet discombobulated design embodies a cheerful mix of mechanical and semiconductural components. Simply blowing into the mouthpiece causes the Breath-o-Matic to automatically begin taking a sample of your own foul morning breath. If you’ve partied sufficiently hardy, then you may also have a chance of making the high score list. You’ll then have the pleasure of seeing your name up on the wall of shame, along with up to nine other drunken slobs. Of course, if you don’t make the high score list on your first try, don’t despair! At college, the night is always young!

Please note that the designers and manufacturers of the Breath-o-Matic do not advocate excessive alcohol ingestion, and the Breath-o-Matic should not be viewed as an excuse, nor as a motivation for binge drinking. Additionally, the designers and manufacturers of the Breath-o-Matic make no claims about the Breath-o-Matic’s ability to detect “legal BAC limits” for the purposes of driving, operating heavy machinery, or attempting to engage in stimulating conversation with members of the opposite sex.