This project's goal is to determine the user's position with a commercial GPS system aided by MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes. The additional MEMS sensors allow for prediction of the user's movement in between and in absence of the absolute GPS updates. Using the ATMEL MEGA128, we combined these sensors to create a compact and easy to use unit!

    The primary use of this system would be for in-car GPS where velocities are relatively high (>~1 m/s). Our motive for creating this system is that traditional GPS receivers have problems holding a signal lock when occluded by large buildings in cities. With the inertial reference, GPS outages are not as detrimental to position estimation, as the gyros and accelerometers can be used for pose estimation for many seconds!

Feel free to check out the site to learn more about our implementation, or take a look at our source code to find out what really going on under the hood.

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A Final Project for ECE 476
By Max Eskin and Aaron Nathan