ECE 4760: Final Project

Rock-Paper-Scissors Sensor Gloves

Hand Motion Sensors

David Dunn (

Chris Fairfax (

"A rock-paper-scissors game which used sensor gloves to track the user’s fingers and hand movements to determine the winner of the game."

Project Soundbyte

For our ECE4760 final design project, we designed and built a two player game system for rock-paper-scissors. Our implementation involved the use of two sensor gloves (one for each player) that tracked bends in the user’s fingers, to determine the symbol put out by each player, as well as hand acceleration, to track the start and end of each game.

The game system connected to a computer through the use of a USB serial connection to print game data and game statistics to the computer screen. An additional feature was implemented to ensure that both players displayed their symbols at the same time and kept the same pace to prevent cheating.