ECE 5030: Final Project (2014)

Biometric Sensing Computer Mouse

Alex Ngai (

Eileen Liu (

Ha Luu (

"A mouse that detects your stress"

project soundbyte

In the past five weeks, we have considered and built three projects, ranging from: optical sensing, electromyography (EMG), and galvanic skin response detection. Initially, our project was using an optical sensor and EMG to detect finger movement for applications, such as: playing piano and Morse code. However, after completing the hardware, due to issues with the hardware we could no longer measure a valid signal. We switched directions and built a stress sensing computer mouse utilizing galvanic skin response and heart rate. Our goal is to use this device to measure changes in the autonomic nervous system. The device vibrates to the user’s heartbeat, increasing the user’s awareness of his/her stress level. In order to test and prove the functionality of the device, we pair this hardware with a game tuned to increase the user’s stress level by increasing the speed of a 1-D maze Falldown-style game.

The final product.