ECE 5030

Data Acquisition Toolbox and GUI introduction


You will connect Matlab to the outside world using the DAQ toolbox. You will produce simple prototypes for an oscilloscope and signal generator.



  1. Modify simpleAI.m to include: For testing, connect a wave generator (for instance daqfcngen) to the NI input of the computer and show that you can record the voltages produced by the generator. Use the multimedia control panel to connect the computer's CD player to the sound input so you can look at more complex signals. The matlab function daqfcngen opens a window with GUI controls for a signal generator.
  2. Modify simpleAO.m to act like a physiological stimulator. It should: For testing you will need to connect the sound output of the computer to an oscilloscope.

Your written lab report should include the sections mentioned in the policy page.

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