ECE 5760: Graphics Processing Unit
| Introduction | High Level Design | Hardware Design | Results | Conclusion | Appendix |


ECE 5760
CS 465



Amit Penmetcha (ap328)

Shane J. Pryor (sjp45)


For our final project, we implemented a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that rendered triangle based models. Our goal was to generate complex models with a movable camera.

We wanted to be able to render complex images that consisted of hundreds to thousands of triangles. We wanted to apply interpolated shading on the objects, so that they appeared more smooth and realisitc, and to have a camera that orbitted around the object, which allowed us to look arond the object with a stationary light source. We chose to do this in hardware, because our initial implementation using running software on the NIOS II processor was too slow. Implementing parallelism in hardware is also easier to do than in software, which allows for more efficiency. We used Professor Land's floating point hardware, which allowed us to do calculations efficiency, which is essential to graphics.