Video Production Module for Altera DE2 Board

James Du (jsd46)
Peter Greczner (pag42)


This project implemented a simple video production unit which could provide green screen effects, title overlays, fades, and display background images.

In this project we turned a Altera Cyclone II FGPA into a simple video production unit with the help of a Sony Handycam and a PC for serial communication. The main focus of the project is the ability to provide a green screen effect, most commonly seen with weather news. We would extract the green regions of the video based on a threshold and display a background image, such as a weather map. This image is able to be transferred to the FPGA over RS-232 serial communication in as fast as 1 second for a black and white image. Other production effects including interfacing a PS/2 keyboard to write titles on top of the image, fade in and outs, and a reverse green screen method. The output of the produced video image is displayed on a VGA compatible monitor at 640x480 resolution.

We chose to implement a simple video production module as our final project because we wanted to do something involving image processing in real time on a video stream. A first thought was to improve on a real time edge detector that was done in a previous year, but instead we decided to try something new and the green screen effect seemed like a fun idea for a project, combined with that no project to date had created a RS-232 hardware interface.