ECE 5760: Final Project

Audio Composer and Conducting Suite

A range of features that every composer needs

Erik Halberg (

Eashwar Rangarajan(

Anshul Sacheti(

"A hardware-software audio suite that generates user-inputted music through virtual conducting"

For our ECE 5760 final project, we designed and implemented the Audio Composer and Conductor Suite (A.C.C.S): a set of tools to develop and compose new music. The software end handles audio note frequency and note length generation through user based input. FPGA hardware then generates multiple tracks of musical notes on a synthesizer that are played over speakers. Running in parallel with the audio output is video detection hardware to track the user's movements. These movements can change the tempo of the piece, the volume of each instrument, and stop the piece. From beginning to end, the user can write their own music and hear how it sounds at any given tempo and volume in real-time while getting the full orchestra feel.

Video demonstration.