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ECE 5760 deals with system-on-chip and FPGA in electronic design. The course is taught by Hunter Adams, who is a staff member in Electrical and Computer Engineering. ECE 5760 thanks INTEL/ ALTERA for their donation of development hardware and software, and TERASIC for donations and timely technical support of their hardware.

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Assignments    Lab exercises | Reading

Lab Assignments

  1. Hardware ODE solver with HPS control
  2. Mandelbrot Set Visualizer
  3. Multiprocessor drum synthesis
  4. Final Project

Hunter's Lectures (2020), Bruce's Lectures (2019), Lectures (2017, hackaday)
Final projects

Old lab assignments, ideas for labs
Old DE2, DE2-115 web page last used in 2016 and Lectures (2011)

Reading Assignments

Schedule and Staff   Schedule | Staff

  • Lecture: MWF 1225-1315 -- Snee Hall Geological Sci 2146
  • Lab Sections: MWF 1445 -1600 -- Phillips Hall 238

  • Instructor: V. Hunter Adams --; office:Phillips 208
    TA: ?
    Retired instructor: Bruce Land,

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