ECE 5760: Final Project


A Color Follower Robot

Asmaa M'nebhi (

Tejaswini Srinivasa (

Sakshi Verma (

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"XO-Blue, A color follower robot that detects and follows blue objects"

Final Prototype of XO-Blue

For the ECE 5760 final project, we designed and built an autonomous robot named XO-Blue that detects and follows blue colored objects. Any blue object in the field of vision of the robot is a potential target. XO-Blue can detect blue at any distance from the camera as long as the hex value of blue resides within the threshold values set in the Verilog code. We have used a video camera that plays the role of the robot’s “eyes” and captures a video in real time. This video is processed in the FPGA where blue color is detected. The Robot then moves in the direction of the Blue colored surface. The movement of the robot is accomplished by using four continuous rotation servos attached at the four corners of a cardboard, which is used as the robot’s chassis.