ECE 5760: Final Project

Gravitational N-Particle Simulator

Mark Eiding (

Brian Curless (

We designed a gravitational N-particle simulator to solve Newton’s law of gravitation in full form and display a 3 dimensional representation of the particle’s interaction at high frame rates on a VGA monitor.

The purpose of our project is to simulate particles of different masses interactions with each other due to gravity. The system was designed to load any set of initial conditions. Additionally, the system displays a portion of 3-D space on a VGA monitor for visualization of the particle’s interactions. The third dimension is shown with color. The goal of the project was to simulate 1000 particles at a refresh rate of 10 Hz on one Altera DE2-115 board. All of the calculations are done in a 18 bit mantissa floating point format allowing any scale of initial conditions to be simulated.