ECE 5760: Final Project

Catch Bruce if you Can: A Color Detection Game

Shaan Shetty (

Godly Thomas (

Alberto Gutiérrez (

Overall Layout Overall Layout

"A skin color detection game implemented in a DE1-SoC FPGA board"

Color detection algorithms have become more popular as technology continues to advance. Many are the applications where this topic is of crucial interest. As we traverse in an era where autonomous tasks are desired, object detection has become crucial. In this project we have designed a system, completely in hardware using a DE1-SoC FPGA board, capable of tracking the motion of human skin. We do this by processing pixel information from decoded signals obtained from an NTSC camera. Based on this, we have designed a game which we titled "Catch Bruce if you Can" that consists of matching the position of a cursor, which contains coordinate information of the user's hand, with a randomly generated image of Professor Bruce. Successfully matching the position of the cursor with Prof. Bruce's image will increment the score by one point. The game also displays randomly generated images of the members of the group (Alberto, Shaan and Godly). However, hitting any of those images with the cursor will reset the score back to zero. Our system provides a pretty accurate and reliable skin-detection algorithm and a very fun game to play, with different level of difficulties.

Overall Layout User Interface