ECE 5760: Laboratory 1

2-dimensional Game of Life.


In this assignment you will build a device using the FPGA and HPS which runs a state machine to compute and display a Cellular automaton (CA) on a VGA monitor. The operation of the CA solver for Conway's Game of Life will be controlled by interaction with the USB mouse attached to the HPS.


  1. Read Linux on DE1-SoC
  2. Read University Program DE1-SoC_Computer_15_1
    1. When you load the unmodified sof file of the better chopped down system onto the fpga:
    2. download the zip
    3. open the project
    4. open the programmer and click start
  3. You are going to be programming C to run the Conway CA state machine and mouse.
    Therefore you are expected to be able to program in Linux/GCC. Read about:
    1. /dev/mem for i/o mapping, e.g. simtec and local
    2. Debian Linux. We are using a Debian variant, I believe.
    3. GCC on Linux, e.g.
    4. USB on DE1-SoC Note that the demo mouse code on this page is blocking.
      You will probably need to add code to make the device non-blocking.
      //needed for nonblocking mouse read()
      int flags = fcntl(fd, F_GETFL, 0);
      fcntl(fd, F_SETFL, flags | O_NONBLOCK); 
  4. You are going to connect the VGA controller using Qsys tools. Read about:
    1. Qsys
    2. VGA on DE1-SoC
    3. University video core
  5. Put the Linux image on a SDcard
  6. Configure Linux as you see fit, but at least follow the steps on Linux on DE1-SoC
  7. Get PuTTY and PSFTP installed on your Windows machine
    SSH and SFTP on Mac OS X
  8. I prefer to edit C in Notepad++ on the Windows machine, then PSFTP the code to the HPS SDcard directory to compile.
  9. Edit Verilog/Qsys in QuartusII/Qsys and download to the FPGA using the Quartus loader
    (assuming the DE1-SoC config switch 0-5 is 010101)
    Use QuartusII v15.1
  10. I suggest that you start with a running Quartus project based on the VGA game of life on the
    University Program DE1-SoC_Computer_15_1 page.


Be prepared to demo your design to your TA in lab.

Your written lab report should include the sections mentioned in the policy page, and :

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