EOD Simulator


The simulator was tested with the 8 supplied EOD files. They proved an excellent test for the simulator as each one was slightly different. Sampling rates varied from 100 KHz to 250 KHz, and some files contained multiple waveforms. In addition, lengths of samples differed among various files. Each file (seen on main page in Appendix A) loaded successfully. I compared the resampled and resized waveforms visually with the originals and they matched up properly. Each one played properly out the soundcard, and they each sounded different based on the varying shapes of the waveform. The various choices for timebase displayed properly and the signal was timed properly as it played for each one.

One testing glitch seemed to occur. On a few computers, the waveform gets "trashed" when it is opened. As of December 13, 2000, I still cannot identify the reason. The program works consistently on the student version of MatLab. It also works on the full version for most every computer I tested it on. It has only failed on 2 computers so far. I cannot seem to figure out what made these two machines different from every other computer. I thought that perhaps Windows NT was the culprit, however 1 of the Windows 98 machines had the same glitch. Even closing MatLab and restarting these computers did not solve the problem. The program is fully functional on most machines, and I will continue to pursue the reason for this random bug. For now, it should be fine if the end-user's machine is able to load the files properly.

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