By Diana M. Rodriguez Tobon

Abstract: This project aimed to develop a wireless, inexpensive system to detect and monitor
vital signs of animals. The system was based on Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) technology and consists of a passive RFID tag implanted underneath the skin
of the animal and a base station connected to a computer. The passive microtransponder
tag collects power from the 125 kHz magnetic field generated by the
base station, gathers information about the animal such as its temperature and heart
rate and sends this information to the base station. The base station receives, decodes
and makes the information available to the user for further analysis. Manchester code
was used to send the information wirelessly. The system performed as desired only
with a 10cm diameter antenna attached to the transponder.

Full Report in PDF format(You may need to download this and open it from the desktop)

Source Code

Base Station Mega32

Transponder Tiny13

Matlab GUI PC