Zigbee Wireless network

By Scott Bingham and Yunfan Donald Zhang

The growth of wireless network technology has led to large demand for self-controlled,
scalable wireless sensor networks. Remote reporting of data from many nodes to a central
control and data center has many applications, from battlefield sensor networks to animal
tracking and monitoring systems. Wireless nodes provide the network with the ability to
reconfigure on the fly without being tied down by signal cables. The goal of our project is to
implement such a network using microcontrollers connected by 802.15.4 (Zigbee) transceivers to
a central control microcontroller that interfaces with a database accessible through TCP/IP. The
four major components consist of 8-bit Atmel Mega32 Microcontrollers, Freescale MC13192 2.4
GHz Low Power Transceivers for 802.15.4, a Lantronix XPort Embedded Device Server
contained in an RJ-45 connector package, and a MySQL database hosted on a remote computer.

Full Report

Source code

Battery lifetime plot for a remote node.