Atmel mega32 debugger user interface

By William J. Goodrich

Bruce Land developed CodeVision 1.24.6 Debugger for Atmel Mega32 microcontrollers, a debugger which allows a user to link with a target program on a MCU, determine the program's state, and make changes. The program includes commands to read/write I/O registers, data registers, memory, and to determine the locations of the Codevision data stack and hardware stack. This program required using a communication program, such as HyperTerminal, to connect to the MCU and manually enter the commands. A simplified interface was desired so that the program could be more easily used by the ECE 476 Microcontrollers course. This program is an attempt to provide such an interface. Additional features, such as reading compiler generated .map file and printing, were added to the program to make it easier for the user to make sense out of the state of the target program.

Full Report

Source Code

Download executable. You need this program running on the PC.
On Windows98 systems, you may need to also download .net framework v 1.1. from Microsoft.
Configuring the Mega32 target program is explained here. Make sure the baud rate is set to 19200 in main in debugger.c.

User's manual