By Pratik Panchal

‘Incremental Encoder Signal Analyzer’ is a PIC18F4685 based device which employs
various algorithms to analyze the received signals from a rotary and linear incremental encoder,
either online or offline, and can give output in terms of various parameters such as follows:
· Digital read outs - with and without direction compensation, which can also be used to
detect presence of any initial and/or sustained jerks in the motion.
· Duty jitter & phase jitter and missed pulse detection – to validate the precision of the
encoder output and detect any missing pulses from any of the channels.
· Phase evaluation – to validate the identity of the channels.
· Other derived computations and hardware checks which help in understanding the total
healthiness of the device.
It is integrated with a graphical touch screen LCD of 128x64 pixels as a HMI. The device uses the
powerful architecture of PIC18 family, and hence several further extensions are anticipated in
terms of computational features and communication.

Full report (pdf)