Remote-controlled, Solar-powered water pump

By Roland Krieger and Saisrinivasan Mohankumar

Our goal is to design a remote solar-powered water pump controller. The system consists of two parts:
transmitter and receiver/pump end. The transmitter end consists of a microcontroller, a float sensor, a 1.5W
solar panel and an RF transmitter. The receiver/pump end consists of a microcontroller, a water pump, hose,
two 40 W solar panels and an RF receiver. A steel frame is built to hold the solar panels, and a power supply
circuit is built to power the microcontrollers. In software development, the microcontrollers will be programmed
to enable communication over a 433 MHz channel. The pump will draw water from the pump end to the transmitter
end when there is enough sunlight and the storage container is not full. The transmitter will communicate the
state of the container wirelessly to the receiver.

Full report (pdf)

Poster (pdf)