Relaxation Gaming Wrap

By Wei Wang and Yuan Cui

The topic of our Master of Engineering project is a relaxation wrap aiming to come up with a solution that
will relax gamer’s hand and wrist without impacting gaming experience. As Electronic Sports is becoming
increasingly popular nowadays. There are many professional gamers participating in various tournaments
every. As a matter of fact, most professional games require a mouse as primary source of input. However,
using mice, especially moving and clicking for an extended period of time, brings undesirable wrist conditions.

 Traditionally, people use passive devices such as soft pads as a solution. However, this is not a good fit
for rapid hands motion required by the enthusiasm nature of electronic sports. When gamers are under
extensive stress, such a pad solution will prevent gamers from moving their hands freely and cannot
massage their hands at all since the pad is pressed with high pressure. Thus, the design team is looking to
find an active solution to mitigate gamer’s health concern.

 This project be based on microcontroller. This project will include development with respect to both
hardware and software. During our design implementation, the design team will always keep in mind that
gamer’s convenience should always be considered instead of developing a pure massage machine.
And the final goal of the design project is that a device that could provide sufficient treatment to user’s
hand and wrist should be provided. At the same time, gamer could also enjoy the stressful electronic
sports without being negatively impacted. 

Full report (pdf)

Poster (pdf)