ECE 4760: Final Project

A RGB LED Matrix Clock

with IR Remote and Serial Interface

Sam Miller (

Craig Andres (

Cornell University

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One minute of the clocks analog display from the final result of the project.

In today's world of rushed schedules, time is something a ton of people are in constant need of keeping track of. A very good method for keeping track of the time is to have a wall clock. But what if you want a clock that's different from all the others, or something that will stand out and make your friends say "Hey, that's pretty awesome!" That's precisely what we set out to make when we undertook this project. Using the PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller, we built a wall clock that is made from a 32x32 LED Matrix. The clock comes with an IR remote that can control a variety of customization options and smaller features such as a stopwatch and alarm. It also has a serial channel that can connect to a PC to update the time to match your PC internet synced time.

This project was completed over a five-week period for the ECE 4760: Designing with Microcontrollers class under Professor Bruce Land.