<Appendix C: Cost and Equipment>

Even though our project did not cost us anything since everything we needed was already available in the lab or through Professor Land, I will now make an estimate of what the cost of our project would be according to the major devices it uses (excluding resistors or capacitors).

LMC7111: 0.50*3 =$1.50

DAC0808: $0.50

ATmega32: $15

This adds up to $20, which is a much less than products in the market like these. Of course, you could argue that the ones on the market don't have an STK500 hooked up to them but nonetheless the whole point is OURS IS BETTER! As a matter a fact, with a little more time our project could have been mounted on a prototype board and encased in some stainless steel box for a couple of bucks more.

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