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Circuitry Schematics

PCB Cad Layout

  • ExpressPCB CAD File (PCB)
    • 5V / 12V Shows Regulator Connections
    • MCU Supporting components
    • LCD & Driver Circuit
    • Includes STK501 TQFP64 ZIF Socket Footprint
    • Includes Mega128 Solder Pad w/ Through Holes
  • Rasterized Drawing (JPG)
  • Vector 1:1 Printout (PDF)
  • PCB Errors
    • PGM header should be connected to TX0 and RX0 rather than MISO/MOSI.
    • Short R3, R20, R37, R39, R41
    • Don't Populate R4, R19, R38, R40, R42
    • Pulldowns should be 330k
    • LEDs should be 330 ohms
    • Short Capacitors On Current Sensors For X Y Z coils.
      (Cap should be Vcc --> GND, not Vcc --> Port Pin)
    • Remove solder mask layer above LEDs & Power Resistors
    • Serial Port Startup issue remains unsolved







Cornell University - ECE 476 Final Project
Bryan Doyle & Michael Austin - Spring 2005