1. Standalone gaming system (PCB with Atmel Mega32 Chip)
  2. Two accelerometers to control movement of the paddles


  1. Matrix of bricks that can be hit by a ball
  2. A ball that can bounce and destroy bricks
  3. Paddles (1 or 2 depending on number of players)
  4. Types of bricks
    1. Regular brick
    2. Indestructible brick
    3. Special item bricks (2nd ball, point doubler, paddle lengthener, extra life)
  1. Multiple levels with preset brick matrices
    1. 10 preset levels with randomly generated special item bricks
  2. A startup screen where the user can choose the number of players
    1. If 2 players are chosen, allow user to choose mode (competitive, cooperative, knockout)
  1. Implemented a points system to track how well the player is doing
  2. Implemented multiple lives and a lives counter for different modes
  3. Implemented a brick counter for Knockout mode
  4. Implemented unique tones for individual events including:
        a.   Ball contact with paddle
        b.   Ball contact with brick
        c.   Level complete (Sequence of tones)
        d.   Both balls deactivated (Loss of life)
        e.   Winner in all modes of play