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This project was done in conjunction with a research group, and the $75 budget has been waived.

Cost Table





Software Code


Division of Tasks

  • Research and Part Acquisition: Vicki and Laura
  • Soldering: Vicki
  • Matlab Code and Testing: Laura
  • XBee Code: Vicki and Laura
  • Accelerometer: Vicki and Laura
  • Testing: Vicki and Laura
  • Website: Vicki
  • Documentation: Vicki and Laura



  • We would like to thank Adam Shapiro for his help with the XBee modules. The XBee wireless connection implenented in this project uses significant source code developed by Adam in 2008 at Cornell University. Additionally, Adam provided tremendous help getting the XBee wireless modules running and debugged, and also loaned us two ATmega 324P microcontrollers. We are extremely grateful for his contributions and guidance throughout the project.
  • We would like to thank Kionix who provided us with parts and technical support with the accelerometers.
  • We would like to thank Bruce Land who assisted us with design, test and debugging, Professors Yingxing Gao and Bob Nafis who provided us with accelerometers and project details, and the TAs who were always around in lab for consultation and helping us with any problems that arose.


Vicki Chuang, vlc6
Laura Sharpless, ljs62