ECE 5760: Laboratory 3

Mandelbrot set visualization.


In this assignment you will implement a system to compute and draw the Mandelbrot set, and to zoom in on pieces of the set. A matlab program shows how the computation is done. Note that the numbers are all complex. The image below is from the program output. The x,y axis units on the image are pixels, not natural units. The actual x axis range is [-2,1] and the y axis [-1,1]. The rectangle is the largest rectangle I could fit into the set.
Former TA, Shiva Rajagopal, found a video for Mandelbrot Set made by Cornell students!

Relevant lectures from 2017 might be lectures 19 to 21.
But remember that lab 4 in 2017 is lab 3 today.


Examples from class:

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Weekly check points

  1. Week 1:
    -- Demonstrate a simulation of one complex iterator pipeline. The number of iterations required should match the equivalent matlab point in the complex plane for at least two points. Use synthesizable Verilog running in simulation in ModelSim.
  2. Week 2:
    -- Demo more than one complex iterator writing to the VGA didplay to show full Mandelbrot Set on the VGA.
    You could connect the iterators to the Qsys VGA as a bus-master or you could write directly to VGA display memory.
    -- Demo interactive zooming on the VGA.
  3. Week 3: demo full system below

Full System

Your written lab report should include the sections mentioned in the policy page, and :

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