Affective Gaming

By Ponnapati Raghava Manvitha Reddy and Deepak Awari


The Electronic Gaming industry has been growing ever fast. The innovations and virtual realities clubbed together
are building a new horizon of games ever built before. Lot of research is encouraged to apply artificial intelligence
to gaming applications. One of latest technologies in building intelligent games is the application of Affective Computing in
Gaming environment. This project is intended to estimate the gamer’s affect and use it to modify the gaming environment
making it a better and more interesting experience for each gamer. The project is divided into identifying the affect
and building a gaming application making use of the affect estimated. In the Affect Identification stage, the
emotional status of the gamer is identified by his biological parameters. These parameters are then processed
to estimate his emotional status. In the second stage, a game is developed which changes the game environment
by introducing new characters or modifying the difficulty level, etc. The game will in effect pose enhanced difficulty
levels giving more challenges to the gamer or it can reduce the difficulty level when the gamer is exhausted.
These affect based games keeps learning on its own. In other words, these games will customize themselves
dynamically to the gamer’s needs and feelings thus providing the best possible experience to him.

Full report (pdf)