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The Wombat engine is the result of three peoples work over the course of the fall 97 semester.  The Wombat engine is designed to be a flexible real-time rendering engine.  In particular, the Wombat engine employs several techniques to attempt to overcome traditional boundaries such as outdoor rendering and very complex geometry.  It also supports multiple users in shared environments, with no theoretical cap on the number of participants.

The Wombat engine was originally conceived as a package for large-scale multi-participant online environments.  As such, the most important principle of the Wombat package is that of data culling.  With a very large world, almost all of the data will not be visible at any given point.  As such, it is important to find ways to quickly cull out unimportant data. The graphical aspects of Wombat take this as their mission statement.


Current Executables (Windows NT only)

Job Breakdown