ECE 4760: Final Project

Gesture Based Security Lock

Ankur Thakkar (

Darshan Shah (

Saisrinivasan Mohankumar ( )

Darshan, Sai, Ankur and Bruce.

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" A security system which unlocks based on hand gestures."

-Project Sound Bite

Fig.1 Gesture Based Security Lock

Our final project is to design a security system which can be unlocked by means of a stored gesture pattern. The idea is to create a box like assembly, in which the user places his hand, makes a defined gesture and unlocks the system. Basically, there is a mechanism that allows the user to save a gesture pattern. Once that is done, the system goes in lock state. When the user enters his hand in the box, he tries to recreate the same pattern. If he is able to do so, the system unlocks. If unable to, the system remains locked.