ECE 4760: Final Project

Precision Cooker: A Temperature Controlled Cooker

Gary He(gh269 cornell edu)

Alex Maass (am838 cornell edu)

Precise time and temperature control are critical when cooking. Slight deviations in either temperature or cooking time can ruin delicate ingredients. Despite this fact, most modern day stovetops provide no data regarding their current temperatures and do not have built in timers. The stovetops that do provide these functionalities are often expensive and require specialized cookware. As our final project for ECE 4760 at Cornell University, we decided to build a programmable temperature and time controlled cooker that would use traditional thermal conduction to cook food regardless of the cooking vessel’s material. The cooker can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from simply boiling the perfect 6-minute soft-boiled egg to sous-vide cooking a piece of delicate white fish. Quickset options can be programmed into the cooker allowing for easy preset operation.

The Precision Cooker

Delicious Results