ECE 4760: Final Project

A Touchscreen Chinese Chess App

Qian Chen (

Zijing Yao (

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, touchscreen has become one of the most common user interfaces encountered today. The idea of this project came from some apps on the smart phone. It is very interesting to play a virtual Chinese chess on the mobile phone. People can take them everywhere and play it whenever they want. So we decided to build the electronic Chinese Chess game in our project. Meanwhile, LCD touch screen is a very popular thing used in electronic products, and doing the project will give us experience in utilizing a set of devices that is popular in modern devices. So in our final project, we designed a Chinese chess game application on touchscreen. Users can play Chinese chess on it. In addition, they can set the background as they like. Meanwhile, this project will also provide ECE4760 course a library for initializing and developing LCD touch screens of the same configuration for reference.

The Chinese Chess Game App on Touchscreen