Project Rationale

"What gets measured gets done" - Peter Drucker

Athletes need stats to keep track of their performance. Whether its passing stats in football, shooting stats in ,  or
basketball, or pitching statistics in baseball: numbers drive training and improvement.

But with the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, we noticed that combat athletes did not measure their performance
with the same rigour and analysis as in other sports. More importantly, we noticed that their were few commercially
available tools to help fighters to keep track of the most important elements of fighting: how hard you hit, how often
you can hit, and how well you can avoid getting hit.

So, we set out to design and prototype a project with the following requirements:
• Tracks offensive and defensive stats. The main goal of the OSF is to make it easy for fighters to track every step of
their progress.
• Small and light: we wanted OSF to be small enough to be embedded within the fighter's equipment, and light enough so
that they don't even notice that it's there.
• USB-rechargeable-battery: because fighters can be environmentally friendly too! (not to mention buying batteries is a
major pain in the a**)
• Wireless and real-time: we wanted fighters and their training partners/coaches to be able to see their stats and make
adjustments without any downtime so that training could be as efficient as possible. Also, having wires around during a
sparring session was not an option.
• Easily programmable: we wanted developpers to have access to our hardware platform so that they can implement more
advanced metrics to measure fighter performance, or even repurpose the hardware for other motion based applications.

Track your combat ability