ECE 4760: Final Project

Virtual Bowling

Mukesh Kumar Tiwari (

Pooja BR (

Deepak Awari (

"A Virtual bowling game that uses sensor gloves to detect the motion of hand to give a real bowling experience"

project soundbite

For our 4760 final project, we built a virtual bowling game interface on a black and white Television in which the ball can be controlled by the glove which has the flex sensors and the accelerometer attached to it. There are 5 flex sensors on the glove to detect the ball grasped and the ball released gestures. The accelerometer will provide the velocity with which the player bowls and the corresponding to this, the ball moves and shoots down the pins on the television. The total development cost is kept under $50 as per the project guidelines

We chose this project because we wanted to explore virtual reality domain and this particular application effectively execute all the things that we learned in the class and build an application in which all the functionality is controlled by the microcontroller. The bowling application was chosen because we found that there was effective use of both flex sensors and the accelerometer that fits right in the application.