ECE 4760: Final Project

Barcode Scanner

Rui Min (

Ruochen Song (

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"Identify a barcode simulation binary sequence respresented by black and white and transmit it to other devices by WIFI."

-Project Sound Bite

Fig.1 The finished circuit

In our final project, we used CMOS camera to identify interval binary 0 and 1 sequence represented by black and white bars. Then, we used WIFI module to transmit the sequence to personal computer and displayed it on a web page.

In our projects, we chose OV7670 CMOS camera and ESP8266 WIFI module for image capture and WIFI transmission. Since PIC32MX250F128B only has 32K bytes inside memory and a low CPU frequency compared to the large data scale of image, we did data compression and data processing in order to match the PIC32 with OV7670. What is more, we did some adjustment to I2C transmission in order to configure the camera which originally used a SCCB (Serial Camera Control Bus) to set up.

For WIFI part, we used UART to connect the microcontroller and WIFI module. Since Cornell campus WIFI is not proper to use for a WIFI module, we set a raspberry pi as a hotspot.