ECE 4760: Final Project

ParkBot: The Autonomous Parallel Parking Car

Alberto Gutiérrez (

Shaan Shetty (

Boling Hu (

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Video: Final product demonstration

"An inexpensive and reliable autonoumous parallel parking prototype for cars"

Parallel parking is often the most difficult part of ordinary drivers, and one of the most feared tasks for some. Big cities specifically require great amount of parking skills as parking spaces are often limited. Removing the difficulty, stress and uncertainty of this task is very appealing. That is why renowned automobile companies like Tesla, Ford and BMW have implemented this technology. Imagine finding the parking spot of your choice and by simply pressing a button your car autonomously parks itself. As this technology becomes more popular, the consumer demand elevates in proportion. Hence we have built a low-cost prototype which would enable a car to find a suitable parking space and park itself without any assistance from the driver.

Already existing systems are expensive and can cost anywhere between $700 (2003 Toyota Prius) and $3000 (IRVW Futura) in addition to the car’s cost. They employ expensive lasers and cameras to sense obstacles and calculate the parking area.

In this project we have developed a low cost system with a budget of $71.90 and uses Ultrasound Sensors on a PIC32 architecture to map the distance and obstacles. Our system is able to calculate the length of the parking space and determine if the car could be parked in that particular spot or not. If it could be parked, the car successfully parks itself into the parking space.

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