High Level Design

         In this simplified version of laser tag, we are only allowing two teams of one person each, although it could easily be expanded to include more players and/or teams. Each player has a laser gun and a decetor vest. The laser gun is completely indepent from the vest, since wires connecting the two are annoying, and get in the way. When the trigger is pulled, it fires a controlled burst of red laser light up to 5 times every second. If the trigger is constantly pulled, it does not fire a constant stream of pulses (i.e. it is not an automatic). The circuit must be very low power, since it is powered by several AA batteries. The gun case and trigger assembly consist of modified SuperSoaker water guns.

         The detector vest consists of a small detector circuit, an LCD to output scores and message, and a controller chip to handle communication and process detection. The decetor is worn on the chest and consists of a small lightweight circuit. It is connected to an armband that houses the LCD and controller cricuits. The controller chip consists of an Atmel AT90S8515 microcontroller, which decides when the player is hit by the opponent, displays the appropriate messages on the LCD, keeps track of the score, and communicates with the opponents microcontroller to relay current scores.