ECE476 Final Project

Spring 2002

Voice Activated Alarm Clock

Andy Chan, Solomon Chung


            In our everyday college life, we would rather perform routine tasks with voice activation instead pressing buttons.  For example, we would probably want to activate the lights in our apartments via a simple voice command, or answering the phone with a simple voice command.  As a result of this, we have decided to design and implement a voice activated alarm clock.

            The rationale of our idea is to provide an additional convenience for routine activities that many people have to face every night; that is, setting their alarm clocks!  The alarm clock we implement will feature a voice activated alarm setting component.  With a simple voice command, the alarm clock will turn on or off the alarm as the user desires. 


High Level Design:

When we first attack the project, we have come up with several designs which we think would be applicable for it.  For the final design of the clock it consists of the following functions:

We have broken the final system in to two components which are user interface, and software design.


Hardware Design


Software Design


Results of the Design


What you would do differently next time