Cornell Hockey
ECE 476 Final Project

Rives Borland
Ryan John
Brian Tarricone

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For our final project we wanted something that would thoroughly challenge our ability to write quality software. We decided to create a game and display the game on the TV screen so that we would not have to worry about communicating with or buying an LCD screen. At first we thought of creating a Tetris game, but after looking at past final projects we found that someone had already done this. We decided that a basic hockey game would provide a sufficient challenge.

Our project is to design a two-player hockey game that is viewed on a TV screen. Each team is comprised of a skater and a goalie. The game is controlled by two Sega Genesis controllers connected to an Atmel Mega32 microcontroller. The microcontroller serves to generate the NTSC TV signal and simple music, in addition to coordinating every aspect of gameplay.